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Noelle Floyd: 10 Little Luxuries

That Will Change Your Life

As Featured in Noelle Floyd and

Written by Alli Addison

Graphics by Alli Addison


Everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives. Whether you’re worth a million bucks, or just need to forget that you’re surviving on a diet of ramen noodles (blame the horses for that one), we’ve got you covered with our list of life-changing little luxuries.

Okay, let’s be real, they likely will not change your life. But they just might make you feel better about it.


A Signature Scent: Galop d’Hermes Parfum

Behold - after a lifetime of searching (30-something years), traveling near and far (I went to our local mall in Southern California), testing and analyzing the many options (I read about this particular one online and concluded that I had to give it a try), I have discovered my signature scent: Galop d’ Hermès Parfum. Okay, okay - so this elusive task came a bit easy to me. But I’m pretty damn pleased with the accomplishment and my ability to check this box on the “sophisticated things you must do before you die” list. It’s as if I can see grandmothers smiling down on me from the universe above, giving me a little pat on the back.

When my little luxe-scouting ears caught wind of Hermes’ addition to their fragrance family line-up with Galop d’Hermès, I was immediately intrigued. A “contemporary manifesto” with two standout essences in the form of masculine leather (yeah) and feminine rose (heck, yeah). Add in the quintessential and exceptional “object” stirrup bottle Hermes is known for, and bam - I was sold and my elusive signature scent quest was over. Whatever your personal tastes may be, finding your signature scent is simply about finding something that you like. Ignore the science. Don’t overanalyze. Try it, wear it, let it evolve. Your signature scent will come to you in time. But if you have a taste for leather and rose, then cut to the chase and give this one a try. Galop d’Hermès Parfum, $215.00,

Horse-Proof Digits: Gel Manicures

Four years ago, I committed myself to presentable nails. And it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve spent a lifetime working outside with, and around, animals. Throw in my perpetual anxiety-induced nail biting and picking, on top of a penchant for bold colors, and what was I left with? Messy nails and a self-designated requirement to try and look at least partially professional. So what’s a girl to do? I scheduled into my already overwhelming calendar a bi-monthly gel manicure. While I may be covered in dirt and bruises, exhibiting sunburned arms and sun-deficient legs, messy helmet head and occasionally questionable attire, at least my nails are looking good. It’s a little luxury that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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