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Noelle Floyd: I Tried A Bold Red Lip In The Show Ring. Here’s What Happened.

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Written by Alli Addison


Let me preface this little editorial number by stating - I am not a ‘red person’. It’s just not my color. As much as I may have wanted it to be - I wore a red sequined dress to my senior prom. That was a mistake, in fact, that whole prom experience was a mistake (I have the obligatory senior prom photos chronicling my unfortunate style decisions to prove it - and haunt me forever). I spent most of my 20’s attempting to channel my grandmother, who was the red equivalent of your quintessential purple lady. And now, here I sit at the ripe old age of 33 (I know, I know), confidently admitting that the classic crimson hue is simply not for me. I’ve given up. I’ve accepted defeat.

However, through my years of failed attempts, I have come to understand the raw power of red in clothing, in design, in art, and in beauty. If you want to be noticed, if you want to stand out, if you want to make a statement - you go red. And you don’t need much, a little red goes a long way.

One of my all-time favorite photographers, the master of high society imagery - Mr. Slim Aarons - also understood the purpose of the color red as means to create interest, intrigue, and sass. A quick google search through his massive body of work will reveal a splash of red in just about every single photograph. Take his work titled ‘Pink Accessory’ featuring film star Joan Collins in a pink bedroom, accessorized by a pink poodle no less. The first thing your eye is drawn to in this photograph is not the pastel pink walls, the rose-tinted headboard, the bubblegum pink telephone, or the cotton candy velvet pillows. Heck, you don’t even notice the pink poodle upon first glance. Instead, your eye is drawn to the only microscopic dash of the bold, strong, look-at-me-now color...a bright red lip. All I can say is, hot damn, he was good.

So, again. I am not personally a red person, however much I may appreciate the hue. You will not find me in a head-to-toe monochromatic red ensemble anytime soon. But a quick scan through my house, my makeup drawer, and my closet may reveal a select few crimson pieces. Everything in moderation is key when it comes to this iconic color. A floral arrangement, a vintage American flag, a killer saloon-style ball gown skirt thing, plenty of red nail polishes and some tried and true red lipsticks. I feel like I’ve tried them all, but I know that’s not the case. In my makeup drawer, I have a nice assortment of YSL, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior and others all stowed away in my never-ending quest to unearth that perfect red that just might make me a ‘red person’ after all.

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