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Horse & Style Magazine: The Age of the Equestrian Social

As Featured in Horse & Style Magazine

Written by Alli Addison

Photography Courtesy of Account Holders

Two major events took place for me at the turn of this new year. First, I succumbed to increasing my data plan after several months of overages and arguing with my husband regarding who consumed more data (turned out to be me). Secondly, I acquired new (and very chic) eyewear to assist in my eye fatigue, from, as embarrassing as this sounds, staring at my phone too often. In the words of Gaga, ‘I confess, I am lost, in the age of the social.’ I find it wildly entertaining, inspiring, and informative, and I have a strong appreciation for the social types that offer an artistic eye, original content and loads of decorum. Equestrian culture is no stranger to this data-consuming universe, and the hoards of popular culture folk are no stranger to loving the equestrian aesthetic. Why is this? Is it the properties, the locations, the sport, the travel, the attire, the tack, the lifestyle? Is is the horses, the greys, blacks, chestnuts, and bays, in all shapes and sizes? The movement of them, the athleticism, the elegance? Or is it the known fact that regardless of your discipline, skill set, training and backing, it is the love of the animal and the sport that binds us all? It’s everything. And it’s intoxicating.


So whether you make a living in the horse business, own a horse or just dress like you do, there is a wide, wonderful, social world of equestrianism just waiting for your prying eyes and twitching fingers. A platform at your disposal that is primed and ready for you to offer the world original, artistic and witty content on the things you love so dearly, horse included. Some of these you may know, some may be new to you. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and beyond — Here’s how to navigate the best of it all, learn a little along the way and get involved in The Age of the Equestrian Social.

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