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Horse & Style Magazine: Sporting Art Auction

As Featured in Horse & Style Magazine

Written by Alli Addison

Photography by Jenna R. Dana

Art Images Courtesy of Cross Gate Gallery

In an unmistakable pink, two-story greek revival in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky sits a treasure trove of visual wonderment. An 11,000 square foot gallery that leaves you questioning your own personal art collection, lusting after the vast range of artists and art it contains, and craving to acquire more. For the equine enthusiast, this Lexington icon could very well be the mecca of sporting art. Cross Gate Gallery opened its doors in 1974 and has been fueled, for the past four decades, by the carefully-curated eye of gallery owner Greg Ladd. Searching the world over for beautifully executed sporting art and bringing it to Lexington, Ladd has built quite the name for himself and his gallery. “I believe our specializing in sporting art was originally dictated by our physical location. We are in the Thoroughbred capitol of the world, “ says Ladd. It was only natural that he feature the great equestrian artists of both past and present. Since their inception, Cross Gate Gallery has risen to become the leading source of the world’s finest sporting art and amassed an impressive collection of 19th and 20th century classic works to contemporary pieces.


Fast forward to 2013, Cross Gate Gallery joined partners with Keeneland, the international leader in Thoroughbred racing and sales, to offer the first Sporting Art Auction in the Keeneland Sales Pavillion, also located in Lexington, Kentucky. Sporting art finding its way into major auctions across the country is nothing new. There is a comfort and classicism about sporting art that allows it to be ‘at home’ in a range of space styles. But an art auction that focuses almost entirely on equine subjects? That is what sets The Sporting Art Auction apart. 


Now in its fourth year, the 2016 Sporting Art Auction is scheduled to take place on November 21st, featuring an array of stunning art, 175 lots to be exact, ranging from the classical works of acclaimed artist’s Edward Troye and Henry Stull to contemporary pieces by LeRoy Neiman and Quang Ho.

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