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Horse & Style Magazine: Vanner Hats

As Featured in Horse & Style Magazine

Written by Alli Addison

Photography by Eliot Lee Hazel and Gaszton Gal

Styling by Petecia Le Fawnhawk and Amy Soderlind


Ode to the hat. The simple accessory that leaves messy hair proclaiming that it 'simply does not care,' the sartorial topper that finishes a final look with ease, the entirely functional piece that performs its dutiful weight in gold shielding our precious skin from harmful rays come summer and keeping us warm come winter. If ever there was a more useful and stylish fashion piece, one could argue it would be the hat. While some fashion forecasters state that the hat is back, we are left wondering, did it ever really leave? No. The hat has always been here and is here to stay.


Now, for the horsey types, a great hat is key. Town or country, the hat excels, creating a polished après-ride ensemble, providing much needed sun protection and above all, salvaging sweaty, dirty, helmet heads around the world. The hat should be every equestrians best friend. And if you're going to put a topper on it, make it chic.


Equestrian world, it is time for you to become acquainted with the next must-have accessory making its way to a closet near you. The California-based, South American-crafted, and equestrian-inspired Vanner Hats. Who is the force behind this blossoming millinery brand? Courtney Ellzey. Every brand has a story and the Vanner story is a good one.


Long before there was Vanner Hats, there was a little girl who grew up spending time on the family ranch and riding horses in the heart of Texas. “Country is in my blood, my DNA,” says Courtney Ellzey, owner of Vanner Hats. With additional titles including (but are not limited to) mother/designer/photographer/pioneer/horse lover/stylist/creative beacon, the self-described country girl is also equal parts gypsy. 

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